About Counselling / Psychotherapy #01

Why you might consider therapy?

Clients seek counselling & psychotherapy for a variety of reasons. It is often because of the difficulties and challenges in daily lives that sometimes become overwhelming and may impact upon relationships, work, and personal and professional judgements. It is sometimes beyond the control of the individual to address those issues without professional help.

The overall aim of therapy is to provide you with an opportunity to work through difficulties in a safe and confidential environment without feeling judged. Such issues may involve areas of your life which you feel troubled by, either in your personal life or at work. Issues brought to therapy may involve self esteem and confidence, relationship problems, anxiety, depression, work related stress, bereavement, loss, abuse, rape, identity...................

What you might expect from Counselling/ psychotherapy with me

I describe myself as an Integrative Psychotherapist/Counsellor by this I mean that I work with people to enable them to experience life in the fullest way that is available to them.

The way in which we do this will depend on the issues you bring with you. Through the counselling we may look at your past together and discover how this impacts your current relationships. We may develop a closeness of relationship which enables you to gain trust in relating to others. We may look at ways we can work at reducing your need to behave in ways which are distructive to you. We may work towards reducing your tendency towards anxiety and depression.

The uniqueness of a therapeutic relationship is the availability of a another human being, who has no preconception of you and no personal agenda other than to be in relationship with you and be helpful in guiding you in your right direction.